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We Integrate With Smokeball!

Civille excels in crafting speedy, SEO-optimized websites for law firms, complemented by a range of lead generation and enhancement tools that seamlessly integrate with Smokeball. This integration allows for a streamlined lead and intake process, enabling automatic creation of new clients and matters directly within Smokeball.
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Seamlessly Connect Smokeball with Any Civille Lead Enhancement Solution

Civille Websites

Whether you already have a Civille website or are seeking a website provider that integrates with Smokeball, connecting your website leads with Smokeball is a breeze. Our standard contact forms ensure a smooth integration with your existing Smokeball account. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of manual lead updates and receive direct notifications from Smokeball when a new website lead is generated.
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Civille AI Chat

Civille AI Chat

Civille’s AI Chat allows law firms to effortlessly incorporate a chat feature on their website, eliminating the need for significant resources or time investment. Our platform’s user-friendly design, customizable queries and replies, and AI capabilities enable any law firm to establish a functional chat while qualifying leads concurrently. The AI Chat can be installed on any Civille or WordPress website – see it in action at the lower right corner of your screen. Plus, it integrates flawlessly with Smokeball!

Civille Law Forms

Civille Law Forms is a versatile lead generation tool that seamlessly integrates with most Civille Websites. It empowers you to qualify leads or transform lengthy forms/questionnaires into a multi-step process, or even both in some instances. Every element of the form(s), from questions to follow-up queries and responses, can be tailored to your needs. Essentially, Civille Law Forms offers your firm a level of customization beyond what traditional forms can provide, all without compromising on functionality or lead volume. And the cherry on top? It also integrates directly with Smokeball!

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    Civille Scheduling Tool

    Looking to give potential clients the freedom to schedule their own appointments? With the Civille Scheduling tool, customers can directly book with any employee’s calendar. This tool is compatible with any Outlook or Google Workspace calendar, as well as virtual meeting platforms like Google Meets and Zoom. All leads can be directly funneled into your Smokeball account, and it can even update your Smokeball Calendar for effortless management.

    Connecting Your Clio Account With Civille

    Integrating with your existing Clio account into Civille products is easy:


    Choose Your Civille Website or Lead Enhancement Products.

    Connect with your Civille account manager or onboarding specialist to add any lead enhancement product to your existing Civille website. If you don’t have a Civille website, connect with us on pricing options for a new website or integrating with any lead enhancement tool into your current WordPress site.

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    Send/Gather Clio API Token from Clio Grow and/or Clio Manage

    Generate your API token in the integrations setting in Clio and send it to your Civille account rep.

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    Start Collecting Leads in Clio.

    Once you send the integration token, all leads generated with any Civille website or lead enhancement will be automatically sent in your Clio account.

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    Connect Your Smokeball Account with Civille

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    Invest in Civille websites and/or lead enhancement tools today!